The Fall of America

A Survivor’s Manual by Dr. Richard Ruhling

The Fall of America is relevant to events pushing the U.S. to global government. Forces behind a New World Order are geopolitical and judgments are coming in apocalyptic proportion.

When asked about the end of the world, Christ said to understand Daniel’s book. His first chapter is about government healthcare. Daniel wisely declined the king’s meat and wine. Daniel’s 8th chapter is about the coming war with Iran (Persia, Daniel 8:20). Its like the news.

Based on the vision “at the time of the end,” war with Iraq and Iran is expected (Medes and Persians in Daniel 8:17,20) and that vision is half-fulfilled with Saddam’s death—the next war will be with Iran.

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What Readers Say

“The only book I’ve read

George Mills,
retired retail store owner,
Huntsville, AL

"Fast paced, on the money, and quick read! Excellent."

Turang-Sharing Jones, Amazon Customer

"A biblical answer to the New World Order,"

Pastor, Georgia

"Must reading"

Congressional Candidate, TN

"Excellent review - I believe everyone should read it. This man of God explains the truth. Dr. Ruhling has taught me the name of God and it has been an excellent book and study guide - I highly recommend this."

Michelle J Rivera Maldonado, Amazon customer, Pastor in Bronx, NY

Dr. Richard Ruhling is a physician whose interest in retirement is Bible prophecy and alternative healthcare. He has published many books, such as The Alpha & Omega Bible Code, Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor, The Bridegroom Comes, Sword Over America, and Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor - Choices That Can Save Your Life.

He was board-certified in Internal Medicine and had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University, a community featured for longevity in the cover story of National Geographic, November 2005. His school received $40 million from NIH for a study to learn why the community lived seven years longer than other non-smoking groups. Ruhling understands health better and differently than most MDs–He may be contacted for speaking at

The Fall of America in Four Stages
as Seen by Three Sources
  • A KGB agent who risked his life to defect to the US shows we are deep into stage 2 for America’s fall. At the start of this video is 1 minute showing destabilization of society and a 1 minute of MalcomX.
    The 4 Stages are Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, Normalization
  • A pastor’s dream fits with the above 9 minute video showing chaos in November, probably after Trump wins the election. Rioting in the cities, buildings burning, martial law, foreign troops are probably UN “peace-keepers” pushing a UN global government. Out of the cities is good plan.
For your $10 donation you get The Fall of America, the dvd and “What’s Behind the New World Order?” (also seen in above video), but please add $3 for shipping.
  • The ‘Crisis’ stage will be signaled when Muslims come against Jerusalem as in Zech 14:1-3. They will take the city but their joy will be short. “The Lord will ‘roar’ from Jerusalem and the earth will shake.” Joel 3:16. Both of these steps are linked to the biblical end-times called “the day of the Lord” which comes when God “shakes terribly the earth.” Isa 2:12,21; 1Thess 5:2,3 says ‘sudden destruction’
For your $10 donation you get The Fall of America, the dvd and “What’s Behind the New World Order?” (also seen in above video), but please add $3 for shipping.

That earthquake initiates “the day of the Lord”, the end-time period of 7 years when we will either seek a covenant to be in God’s kingdom as in Exodus 19:5,6; and He will protect us, Exodus 34:10,11 or we will run away to do our own thing and hope for the pope to bring peace through a UN New World Order. But the UN is the ‘image beast’ in Rev 13:14-18 that forces everyone to be marked with a number and those who accept this will suffer the plagues. Rev 13:15; 14;9,10.

Now is our opportunity to “study and get ready.” The Fall of America offers a good overview of many topics related to end-times. Many see a move out of the cities as first step. As one with a large following said, “Have an exit plan.” “There will be such strife and confusion in the cities, that those who wish to leave them will not be able.” A Selected Message by Ellen White.

Economic collapse will follow the earthquake. It’s the 1st trumpet in Revelation 8:7 after earthquake in vs 5. When all grass burns up, it’s the economy. James 1:10,11 likens grass to rich men (no longer rich) It will initiate an Elijah-like time.


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